Artist was born in Šiauliai, Lithuania. After school graduation Eurika studied architecture in Vilniaus Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) where she made her first steps towards art and painting.
In 2009 Eurika has discovered her unique painting technique – multilayer oil on canvas painting with special texture. Since then artist started to paint actively and her unique technique is her authentic signature. Additionaly author started to use this technique in graphic arts.
Eurika has painted more than 100 pieces of art that are acquired by collectors in Lithuania and abroad.
After the exhibition in 2011, Eurikas has been granted a name of Folk artist and joined Folk artists union.
In 2017  Lithuanian  Ministry of Culture has granted Eurika Urbonavičiūte Status of Art Creator witch is Highest achievement available in Lithuania for an art professional
Eurika has participated in other exhibitions:
2012 – exhibition „Impression“ in Vilnius Kairėnai Botanical garden;
2012 – Cristmas exhibition in Druskininkai aquapark.
2013 – Participated in national Folk art competition in Alanta estate
2015 – Group exhibition “Still life” in Vilnius town hall
2015 – Personal exhibition in Vilnius University botanicall garden
2016 – august 28th exhibition in “Nox” Culture Club
2016 – Personal exhibition in Business center “3 Sails”, Vilnius
2016 – Personal exhibition in Business center “Gynėju g.16″, Vilnius
2016 – Personal Exhibition in Folk artist Union house, Vilnius
2017 – Personal exhibition in National Psychiatric Hospital, VIlnius


My painting technique is multi-layered. At the beginning I use special priming technique, where I obtain salience effect. After this, layer after layer, special texture is formed. The texture resembles mystic baltic culture symbols and Zodiac, ornaments. The Plot of the painting is drawn with Oil on canvas. Canvas are being stretched over the subframe. The painting is being varnished. This painting tehnique provides painting with durability that can last for centuries. From the first step to the framing it takes atleast1 to 3 months for the painting to be completed.
Because of long and complicated artistic and painting process only several of my works are being released every year. You will not find identical plots in any of my works, every work is unique and only one in the world.

„In my works I capture impressions, that I observe in nature, environment and events.
All characters in the paintings are surrounded by play of lightsg and shadows, colors of nature elements and forms, mysticism and simbolism that can be seen in nature. In the portraits, I render characters inner emotions and in the landscapes – colour. „
Yours – Eurika – I capture impressions in my works.